We will continue the struggle until Turgut Kaya is free!

We will continue the struggle until Turgut Kaya is free!

We will continue the struggle until Turgut Kaya is free!

On May 30th the Athens Supreme Court passed its judgment and recommendation in favour of extradition to Turkey of Turgut Kaya, a Turkish national. Turgut Kaya is a revolutionary journalist and author with over 20 years record of struggle for democracy and human rights in Turkey. From his days as a student till now, he has been persecuted and intimidated by the Turkish state and authorities. Turgut Kaya was arrested in February by the Greek authorities responding to Interpol ‘Red alert’ called by the Turkish regime.


The struggle of Turgut Kaya is continuing to this day.

Turgut Kaya announced a break to his Hunger Strike on July 24th, as result of the hunger strike actions and ongoing solidarity actions, the risk of extradition is largely eliminated. Kaya's resistance is now on our shoulders, knowing that as his comrades we will continue our campaign till he is free. Besides, the guarantee that Turgut Kaya will be free on July 30th at the latest in the negotiations with Syriza is a result of our struggle. And we, as his comrades and friends, are stating that we will pursue the demand for freedom until Turgut Kaya is free, and that we shall begin a massive hunger strike in the absence of an advance until July 30th.

Our Struggle Continues!

With the combination of Turgut’s struggle inside and our struggle outside, the immigration bureau has finally granted political asylum to Turgut Kaya on July 20th.

Although it is a very important development, it does not mean freedom for Turgut Kaya as long as the Extradition verdict remains active. As we all know, Greek Justice Minister Stavros Kontonis kept silence on this matter until a radio show. He said he will decide on this case following the verdict from the immigration bureau responding to a question about the situation of Turgut Kaya.

However, from day one the lawyers and comrades of Turgut Kaya said that only Ministry of Justice has the power to stop the Extradition process by rejecting the verdict reached by the Supreme Court.

Upon this recent development, the Minister of Justice Stavros Kontonis has no excuse for stopping the extradition. Stopping the extradition and preventing Turgut Kaya’s return to the torture centres of Fascist Turkish state is now on Justice minister’s shoulders. Justice Minister must stop the extradition and free Turgut Kaya immediately, not hiding behind the legal procedure and political excuse.

As comrades, friends and outside voice of Turgut Kaya we call upon international public opinion to continue and enhance this valuable solidarity until Turgut Kaya is free. Let’s make his outside voice louder and louder not forgetting the importance of every hour in Turgut Kaya’s life.


Revolutionary Will cannot be imprisoned!

Long live revolutionary international struggle!

Stop the Extradition to the Fascist Turkish state and Free Turgut Kaya!

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