Digital Self-Defense: An Introduction to Tails

During the Collective kitchen at Rosa de Foc we would like to give you an introduction into Tails. No, we are not going to deal with animal tails but with an operating system on a flash drive that leaves no traces behind on the computer and helps to obscure your indentity while browsing the web.

So if you have, bring your laptop and a flash drive (at least 8 GB). We will also provide a small number of DVDs with Tails on it. And also if you do not have a laptop the workshop can be interesting to you since with Tails you can use other people's computer without needing to trust the owner.
So here is the rough outline:

- motivation for using Tails
- remove metadata of pictures
- the tor browser
- booting Tails
- limitations of Tails

The collective kitchen will start at 3 pm as usual and we'll begin with the workshop at 5 pm. It's gonna be a lot of fun and you do not need to be a geek in order to be able to follow. See you then!

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