Cops and Fascists accomplices in evictions. Solidariety to Gare, Zaimh and Matrozou45. Xm24 - Bolognina Antifa (Italy)

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From Bologna to Athens.
Solidarity to all self-organized liberated spaces that create networks of mutual aid and oppose themselves to all forms of fascism. As reported by indymedia, the collusion and complicity between fascists and police, that are in a condition of total freedom of action, is evident. We will not let go quietly how institutions on the one hand try to crush and eliminate these libertarian experiences that promote self-determination of people and on the other encourage policies that have as a direct consequence an increase in inequality and the spread of xenophobic hate feelings and fascism. The continuity between Fascists , State and their armed legalized right arm is evident, and it is   evident more than ever with the evictions of the occupations GARE, MATROZOU 45 and ZAIMH, which seems a real retaliation for having participated in the anti-Fascist demonstration in Thessaloniki.

Tomorrow morning the courts will be held, as xm24 we ask for the immediate release of the 12 arrested comrades.

Xm24 - Bolognina Antifa. 


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