Call to the antinationalist-antifascist panbalkan mobilization in Salonika on the 10th of March - Solidarity with Libertatia




The borders and territory of the greek state are a perpetual war zone. As a bearer of capitalist expansionism, the greek state has from its onset been an agent of war in the Balkans, the Middle East and wherever the dominant interstate alliances carry out military and economic operations. Since the 90s greek capital has settled beyond the northern borders, in the greater region which it perceives as its periphery, to be financially exploited. In the same region from where it imported cheap labour power.

In the borders and territory of the greek state, thousands of people who flee from war and poverty, which are both resutls of capitalist pillaging, are tortured, imprisoned and killed. The war is here and it is a permanant state.

Nationalism is the grease on the war machine of the state and it turns against the oppressed, the outcast of this world and the enemies of the statist regime. Nationalism is the cement on the walls erected by the states. This was clearly shown during the recent national-fascist mobilizations in Salonika, with the high point of the burning down of Libertatia squat, a hub of social self-organisation and resistance. Fascism did not simple find an opportunity in this gathering to act. On the contrary, fascism has its roots deep inside the nationalist substratum of the greek state, which comes to the surface in the current juncture. Nationalism is the foundation of the entire spectrum of the regime, from the far right to the “pregressive forces”. From the participation of Constantopoulou (former Syriza member, now head of a leftist party-split from Syriza and LAE) and the flerting of LAE (Popular Unity-party formed by a split in Syriza) with the nationalist mobilizations, to the defense of the “greekness of macedonia” by the Communist Party, to the legitimization of fascist violence by the mayor of Salonika, Boutaris, who, with the statement that the burning down of Libertatia squat was a result of a hooligan conflict, silently incites fascist action against those who struggle.

Our mass and combative presence on the streets whenever and wherever fascists attempt to gain ground is imperative. It was in this spirit that the antifascist-antistate mobilization against the recent nationalist-fascist demonstration on the 4th of February in Athens, in which we participated, was organized.

We salute the comrades of Embros squated theater who with their fighting stance repelled the attack of the fascists on the 4th of February.

Fascist attacks are ongoing, with most recent the arson attack on Lelas Karayianni Squat, the murderous invasion in the Free Social Space Favela and the arson attack on Panaitoliou Squat, which did not manage to cause damage due to the immiediate intervention of the comrades from the Koukaki squatting community for Housing and Struggle. The surge of the fascist threat requires mass combative antifascist struggle and direct counterattack.


We call to the antinationalist-antifascist panbalkan mobilization in Salonika on the 10th of March


Solidarity with Libertatia squat


GARE Squat

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