Anarchy in Italy

Translations from Italian Anarchists

This site will include translations of Italian-language anarchist materials, both historical and current, including magazine articles, flyer and poster texts and some longer material. All the material is anti-copyright, so use anything you like or find useful as you see fit.

Currently I have posted:
Italian Anarchist Flyers
Translations from Renzo Novatore
Translations from Bruno Filippi (more to come)
Translations from Enzo Martucci (more to come)
Translations from Proletario
Several articles from the mid-1990s weekly paper Canenero (more to come)
Several articles from the publication Diavolo in Corpo (more to come)
Several articles from the "aperiodical", Machete that is still being published (more to come)
Material from the website Finimondo
Translations from Senza Titolo

Some of what to expect:
Giuseppi Ciancabilla
Alfredo Bonanno
perhaps some Luigi Galleani
and a few lesser known Italian anarchists

I will post these things gradually as I find the time.

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