LIVE concert for the financial support of NOTARA 26

“Solidarity has a Home!” Housing Squat for Refugees and Immigrants Notara 26, LIVE concert for the financial support of NOTARA 26 on December, 23th

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On September 25th of 2015 we occupied the building in Notara 26 in order to convert it into a housing squat for refugees and immigrants. For a year now, refugees and solidarity supporters have been collaborating, through a general assembly, on the basis of equality, solidarity and horizontal structure in a common struggle for a better life, far beyond all kinds of discrimination.

From the outset of the squat over 5000 immigrants have been accommodated, while 100 people are staying in the building at that moment. Based on the principles of self-organization and self-management and despite the adversities we faced over time, the needs in accommodation, food, health care, learning, legal coverage and entertainment have been covered. These are the elements of the solidarity being realized continuously by all of us, as we experienced it in all its range and potential after the killing attack by fascists against the squat on August 24th.

In that context, we invite you in the concert for the financial support of Notara 26 on December, 23th, which will take place in Gagarin, as the need for real solidarity is constant and also constitutes the only base, so that the squat continues its function. Putting ahead the collective life and self-organization we answer through our actions and battles to the attempt of legalization of xenophobia and fascism.


“Solidarity has a Home!”


Open Assembly of the Housing Squat 
for Refugees and Immigrants Notara 26


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