Don’t mourn, organise! Lecture and discussion about Joe Hill In Athens

In Athens this Thursday 11/12 20.30 at “Autonomous Steki” in Zoodoxou Pigis 95-97 street by ESE Athens


In Athens this Thursday 11/12 20.30
at “Autonomous Steki” in Zoodoxou Pigis 95-97 street
by ESE Athens

2015 it’s years ago since Joe Hill was executed in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
Joe Hill, Joel Emmanuel Hägglund, was born 7/10 1879 in Gävle, Sweden.
He was a union activist, poet and singer.

Today, we still face the same problem as he did: shitty working conditions,
unemployment, poverty and migration because of work- being exploited
as a worker.
We still need to organise, and internationalism is more important than ever!
How can we use his ideas today?
Can we use them to build a strong, fighting network on an international basis?
Come and listen to the lecture by Liv Marend, general secretary of SAC syndikalisterna, and take part int the discussion!

Joe Hill was one of the most popular and well-known American protest singers.
He wrote several workers and protest songs that many people came to love.
Many of his songs were printed in “the little red song book”, released by the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), where Joe Hill was active.
He was a legend among wobblies and union activists in USA. His songs made him famous among the working class, immigrants and unemployed.
Joe was sentenced to death after a much questioned trial, which gained lot of international attention.
After his execution, his popularity grew even bigger.
Today we are many all over the world who remembers him.
We continue the fight for a better world, without bosses and wage slavery.
“Don´t mourn, organise!

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