Erasmus beat up by cops

German Erasmus students beat up by cops in Exarchia on the 17.11.2014.

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In the 17.11.2014 german erasmus students got beat up by cops in Exarchia.

The demonstration for the memorial day for the Polutexnio of 17 of November ended in the Exarchia Square. Some erasmus students were at that time at the Exarchia Square for dinner and they also live close to the square, when the police went into the Square in a brutal way. The three german students tried to escape home from the square, when they saw the police entering. They fleed over the Valtetsiou street, running away from the police who was after them in the square. When the three students crossed the Emmanouil Mpenaki street they were suprised and sorrounded by DELTA police forces. They hit  them to the ground and did not stop to hit and kick them. They screamed to them to stop but instead of stopping they even hit harder and other DELTA forces joined to hit them.

Following their memories they saw the police coming with teargas and flashbangs. The male person stood at the sidewalk rasing up his hands for showing that he is unarmed. Five DELTA forces hit him down and he tried to cover his face with his hands. After he was already on the ground and the five DELTA forces left, he screamed from the pain and two other police forces saw him lying on the ground and they even hurt him more. After the police forces left him alone he found refuge in a near house. Right now he is still at the Hospital of Evangelismos.

The other two students were female.

One of them got a hit by a stick on the back of the head. She felt down and the policeman continued to hit her with the stick. When he finally finished and left the next policeman came and started kicking her. Lastly when he finished with kicking her the next policeman came and started to beat her. Luckily she also could find refuge in a house. She has a big haematoma under her eye and a lot of blessures all over her body. She also has a big bump on the back of her head from the hit of the stick.

For the other girl they are right now no actual information of course events, but her hand is broken and she is under schock.




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