Athens, Greece: Anarchist prisoner Antonis Stamboulos goes on hunger and thirst strike


Following his arrest on the 1st of October 2014, Antonis Stamboulos is currently being held under pretrial detention facing terrorism charges.

On October 6th, with another open letter, the comrade announced hunger and thirst strike denouncing the fact that he is now being held in the prisoner transfer centre of Athens. Furthermore, he protests the ongoing media construct fueled by antiterrorism cops against him.

The terror-frenzy scenarios leaked to the Press have no end, to make it easier for the antiterrorism unit to exterminate him. The captive comrade has been portrayed, among other things, as a leading member of the Revolutionary Struggle urban guerrilla group, as co-perpetrator of a bank robbery in Kleitoria (Achaea, Greece), as alleged successor of slain comrade Lambros Foundas, while the mouthpieces of Power have spread that the wanted anarchist Pola Roupa along with her child was supposedly seen on the steps to his apartment in Kallifrona street in Kypseli (which was deemed a “safehouse”). Meanwhile, wannabe informants and other ridiculous snitches have been all too willing to testify against him (e.g. a neighbor to his parents’ house claimed he had heard explosions from the basement of their home).

The fact that the cops took him to the prisoner transfer centre – despite the prosecutor’s request for his transfer to Koridallos prison – reveals that they are attempting to send him to another, remote prison in order to exterminate not so much him as his relatives, who will be forced to travel for hours to visit him in prison, but also in order to make the work of his defense lawyer tougher than it already is.

Antonis Stamboulos stated that he will not let the scumbags of antiterrorist police and their political bosses crush his close ones. That’s why, even before they announce where they’re planning to send him, he warned that he does not accept to be taken anywhere else other than Koridallos, close to his family and lawyer.

He thus started his hunger and thirst strike on October 6th.
Slogans spray-painted on October 4th by anarchists in solidarity in Denizliou Street in the district of Vyronas, exactly where the comrade was kidnapped by cops: “Solidarity with comrade A.Stamboulos” – “The fight goes on; Antonis, hold strong”.

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δύναμη στον απεργό πείνας και δίψας, αναρχικό Αντώνη Σταμπούλο


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