Germany: Vehicle owned by the Greek consul torched (Berlin, 02/07/2014)


We ask nothing less than the destruction of the beast that keeps the system running.

The ruling democrats are returning the hits harder. During the crisis, they reveal their true face. A face that, full of enthusiasm, humiliates, tortures, imprisons or murders people. A face, that smiles happily in front of the world’s cameras, while at the same time employs thousands of cops just around the corner, in order to supress any resistance.

But they are not satisfied with just that. Having succeded in defeating resistance in the streets, the dogs of the system have now dedicated their efforts in defeating the remaining resistance in prisons by isolating the prisoners. Authority utilizes the ongoing fear of the large, silent majority in order to avenge those who torched Greece during December of 2008. Guerrila groups that sparked from the revolt, are causing breathing arrethmias to the constipated gentelemen from Brussels. Their reaction didn’t took long to come and it was a dynamic one. Along with troika, they have sent a group of anti-terrorism specialists in Athens, in order to deal with the spirit of resistance once and for all. So, the cops’ new training was fruitful very soon. The dogs could just use their clubs for starters, but they have chosen to adapt to the ideological context called fascism, in a completely blunt way. A harmonic coexistance, where the thirsty for power, democratic bags of fat make use of the fascist gangs. The creation of type C maximum security prisons, is just another step towards the complete annihilation of those who grew tired of being exploited.

 We do not wish to remain indifferent while such things happen, like many others, who have stopped fighting, do. Therefore, we decided to pay a visit to one of their lackeys, in the quiet Wilmsdorf.

We stand in solidarity with the hunger strikers in Greek prisons.

We, hereby, remember the murder of Ilia Kareli, killed by the murders that are called prison guards.

“The loser of this war, is the one who goes home. Not a step back, no delay”

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – Nihilistic Faction


Subversive of nihilistic act




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