Anti-fascist demo called from various groups for today in Athens and several other cities.

Updates as they come:

21:00(GMT+2) Police chase demontrators all around the centre, it seperates small groups of antifa demosntrators or passerbyes and detains them (circa 20 people now are stabilised on Filippidou street, on the corner of Kifissias and ALexandras avenues DELTA cops detain a group of people, on Ippokratous and Alexnadras police stops and search people.

20:53 (GMT+2) Circa 1,500 people on Alexnadras chain up behind the banner of Polytechnic’s students union, and riot police prepare to attack to them, smoke and fires around, while the atmophere is heavy due to tear gas.

20:49(GMT+2) Demonstrators remain on ALexandras avenue where the traffick was not interuppted by the police. Other demonstrators who were chased down move towards Exarcheia.

20:38 (GMT+2) Clashes and chemical gases along molotiov cocktails everywhere around the offices of Golden Dawn as police tried to cut off the demo.

20:32 (GMT+2) Clashes generalize, a big part of the demo turns around, back toward Alexandras ave.

20:28 (GMT+2) Clashes between police and demonstrators.

20:20 (GMT+2) the demo was cut off close to the hq by Mesogeion.

19:59 (GMT+2) The big demo reached the police protection of GD’s  HQs Thousnads of police officers in front of the HQ. Fascists behiond them and on the balconies of their building.

19:30 (GMT+2) Demonstration passing the Hilton. Not much police seen. Unconfirmed reports of 15 arrests made earlier in exarcheia.

18:50 (GMT+2) Demonstration is heading towards Golden Dawn headquarters. Estimated crowd size 50.000+

18:20 (GMT+2) Antifascist demo from propylea has joined the main demonstration in Syntagma.

18:10 (GMT+2) Anti-fascist demo gathered in Propylea marching towards Syntagma. The crowd is between 8 – 10.000


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