Murder of Pavlos Fissas and its aftermath – updates: September 19, evening demonstra


Murder of Pavlos Fissas and its aftermath – updates: September 19, evening demonstrations

Today’s demonstration in Athens is called by syndicates at Davaki square in Nikea, approximately 350 meters away from the local Golden Dawn office, where the cancelled GD event was supposed to take place today. Already (19:00) people have gathered at the square while DELTA are reported to be in close proximity and checking motorbikes and cars approaching.

More info as it comes.

20:50 (GMT+2) All blocks are now back in Davaki square in Nikaia.

20:30 (GMT+2) Thousands in the antifa demonstration which is now in Nikaia.

20:00 (GMT+2) Several riot police squads are following the anarchist/antiauthoritarian block.

19:40 (GMT+2) The demonstration has already begun. It is moving towards Keratsini. Several police forces are protecting the local Golden Dawn offices. The police has blocked several streets to stop the demonstration from approaching the nazi offices.


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