Police raid Lelas Karagianni, Athens’ oldest anarchist squat – updates

14.02 GMT+2 Fourteen people were arrested inside the building in total. A solidarity gathering outside has many hundreds of people; one person detained outside for shouting slogans has now been released.

13.02 GMT+2 Police are inside the building; they are arresting people who were at the rooftop, shouting slogans. There are already many people gathered around in solidarity and there is now a call for people to gather at Amerikis square.

12.30 GMT+2 Police are trying to raid Lelas Karagianni, Athens’ oldest squat. They are outside the building, trying to cut the lock.

More info as it comes.


Lelas Karagianni squat has been re-occupied

Only hours after the eviction of Lelas Karagianni, the oldest anarchist squat, people in solidarity have re-occupied the building. More info as it comes.


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