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“The fire does not burn us, the fire burns inside us: solidarity to Villa Amalias”

Greece: Police raided occupation of Villa Amalias, Athens


Once again, the State is trying to terrorise by means of sudden raids against occupied self-organized spaces.

Villa Amalias squat is housed in the building of Heyden and Acharnon street for 22 years. Within the squat hundreds of political and cultural events have been held (concerts, theatrical performances, screenings etc), while the anti-commercial culture that opposes the culture of sale and profit, power and property has found its place. It is clear now, after so many daily attacks against the antiauthoritarian/anarchist movement, that the antisocial forces of economic and political authoritarianism aim at silencing the movement, at limiting the public discussion in the agenda that is determined solely by the mainstream media and the Nazis, at prohibiting self-organized actions that start from below and outside political parties.

According to info published on Athens Indymedia, 8 comrades from the occupation were detained, and a search is being conducted in the building by the forces of state repression. Already, 200 have gothered in solidarity at Acharnon Street opposite the occupation.

We express our solidarity to Villa Amalias and to the comrades who struggle in this free social space.

PS: We understand the joy of the faithful servants of the system of power, as we observe the far-right blogs, as well as the mainstream news sites joining forces, slandering and cheering for the “success” of the suppressive State. We promise that the delight of the enemies of society will not last forever.


Athens: anarchist squat Villa Amalias raided by riot police

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UPDATE, 22.35 GMT+2 Approximately 1500-2000 anarchists marched from the Athens School of Economics toward Villa Amalias after the assembly (see previous update). There is a call for a gathering at the courthouse tomorrow morning at 10.30, in solidarity to those arrested inside Villa Amalias.

UPDATE, 17.35 GMT+2 An anarchist assembly has been called for 8pm tonight (Athens time) at the Athens School of Economics for updates on today’s events.

UPDATE, 16.35 GMT+2 According to a statement by the minister of public order, Nikos Dendias, the order to evict Villa Amalias was given “by PM Samaras himself”.

UPDATE, 16.15 GMT+2 Solidarity gatherings have already been called in the cities of Thessaloniki, Patras,Heraclion, Karditsa and Veroia, with more added to the list by the hour. About 200 anarchists and people in solidarity are gathered outside Villa Amalias itself.

UPDATE, 14.20 GMT+2 The seven anarchists who were detained earlier at the Athens Town hall (see update at 11.35 GMT+2) have just been released. The eight people who were detained inside Villa Amalias when the police raided this morning are still under detention.

UPDATE 11:55 GMT+2 Villa Amalias has issued an immediate call for people to gather outside the building in solidarity.

UPDATE 11:35 GMT+2 There are unconfirmed reports that riot police have detained a group of anarchists who had entered the Athens Town Hall in order to protest against the ongoing police operation against Villa Amalias.

“Statist and parastatist thughs, we are and we shall remain here. Villa Amalias squat.”

At approximately 07:00 GMT+2 on December 20th, riot police raided the anarchist squat Villa Amalias in Athens.

Eight people were detained inside the building, while the police are now searching in the presence of an ninth person who was also in the building at the time of the raid and who is acting as witness to the search. It is expected that this person will also be detained at the end of the operation.

It is still unclear whether or not the police intend to evict the squat.

People are already gathering in solidarity outside the squat in big numbers.

More information as it comes.


“The fire does not burn us, the fire burns inside us: solidarity to Villa Amalias”


Villa Amalias statement: we are, and we shall remain here.

Greek original at the Villa Amalias site

Today, on December 20th, 2012, the police raided Villa Amalias. Under the pretext of a complaint for drug dealing, they searched the building in the presence of a district attorney. Their findings are ludicrous. Nevertheless, according to Dendias [translators' note: the minister of public order] these prove that Villa was an “epicentre for lawlessness” for 22 years and that the law, thanks to the “brave political will of [PM] Samaras” was finally restored.

What logical leap may brand empty beer bottles as “materials for the construction of molotovs?” Is it strange to have a large number of empty beer bottles in a place that hosts a concert [gig] space and a café? What comprises a “flammable material”? May they be referring to the cleaning liquids for the printing press that operates in the squat? Should we talk about the gas masks that should be carried by every demonstrator that respects their health? Should we talk about the elementary means of self-defense (the mock flash bangs, slingshots etc) in a space that has repeatedly been attacked by para-statist gangs (arsons, stabbings, beatings) with the apogee reached in 2008, when the then minister of public order Markogiannakis visited the “residents” of Agios Panteleimonas and a few minutes after he left, we were attacked…

Under the pretext of the search, then, they materialise a long-standing wet dream of theirs: their raid into a space that is one of the spatial symbols of all those who stand in hostility against anything that represents sovereignty, imposition, sterilization, indifference, surrender, subjection. In this they are right. That’s who we are. Us and the thousands of demonstrators, the people in struggle, squatters, strikers, people fighting in the streets. We are the homeless, the punks and the rebels, the vegetarians and the feminists, the nocturnal ones and the workers, poor and the aggrieved, the victims of racism and the avengers of injustice. The minister called us an epicentre of lawlessness…

And now we should talk seriously. Villa Amalias is an organising proposition which had to be dealt with at the time of the cannibalism of the memoranda. The onslaught of capital against the world of labour presupposes the destruction of all of its structures: the depreciation of everything that trade unions had gained, whatever structures of solidarity and dissent, the self-organised incentives: everything is targeted. The far-right agenda that has prevailed since the outbreak of the crisis commenced with the statement concerning a [supposed] hygiene bomb by Loverdos [trans. note - Loverdos was minister of health at the time and claimed that the 300 migrant hunger strikers comprised a “hygiene bomb” in the centre of Athens] against the hunger strikers of Ypatia. It continued with the targeting of migrants (at the Evros border wall, concentration camps and the Xenios Zeus [anti-migrant] operation), the pillorying of addicted seropositive women, aided by the far-right violence against migrants, homosexuals and street traders. The torturing of anti-fascists at the police HQ after the anti-fascist motorcycle demo, the attacks against squats and the harsh repression against any labour or social demand, leave little doubt for the fact that the enemy has put together a solid block; a block against which we must now resist.

For the past 22 years we have been in a building that was abandoned for decades. We maintain it and breathe life into it. We are a squat that always has its doors open to groups, individuals and incentives that promote the anti-commercial culture, human dignity, social, anti-fascist and class struggles. Villa Amalias is giving a fierce fight –– not in order to protect a dozen pillars, but in order to protect our desires, our dreams and our hopes for a more free life for everyone.

We call everyone who identifies part of themselves in the years-long operation of the squat to partake in this crucial struggle with us.

This is the windmill that the executors-don quixote’s have attacked, even though it is ideas that they are after. These are what are lawless and illegal for them. Their witch-hunt will bring them nightmares in response. 



Villa Amalias updates: the arrested are detained until Monday; police unseal the building

The Villa Amalias collective has published the following brief update on the situation regarding the squat:

As of this morning, the cops have unsealed the door of the Villa on the side of Cheiden Str, without the presence of any of the residents. It is obvious that they are inside illegally and have made unauthorized entry into the space. We warn that any damage or alteration in the space of the occupation will be responded to appropriately. We should remind them that no-one has the right to be present inside the building without our presence. Villa amalias

Meanwhile, the eight people who were arrested in Villa Amalias during yesterday’s raid were in court today. They are being charged with felonies (!) as the empty beer bottles found in the squat are considered material for the construction of explosives. The DA referred all eight to the inquisitor, to whom they will testify on Monday morning. All eight will remain detained until then.

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