Athens: Responsibility claim for arson on two police cars, spotted at an auto repair shop


Athens: Responsibility claim for arson on two police cars, spotted at an auto repair shop in the district of Goudi

And time is passing by, minutes are crowding alongside each other, and days are whistling carefree. Our thoughts slip from the dictatorships of watches and monotonous repetitions, seeking paths of transgression.

Morning alarms ring loudly in our ears, identical figures scare us on the streets, our nightmares lurk…

Dreams are interrupted by chases, screams of torture, and the last words of people who were executed or committed suicide; by the sighing of immigrant outcasts, the crying of small children, the secrets of imprisoned brothers and sisters.

The quiet night sleep in the metropolis, inside the dark bedrooms, beneath the bloodstained sheets, is merely hypocritical. How can anyone sink into their sleep, close their eyes and dream while at the same time the street shadows are under persecution? How can consciousness be complacent on a pillow when the blood of the whole world is flowing at night in the avenues of sighing?

Minorities, a handful of mates among the multitudes, with hate and love glimmering in their eyes… Risks paid with years in prison. Risks paid with journeys to other worlds. Choices and life decisions imbued with hopes, expectations but also disappointments, deadlocks. Exchanges of glances, restless eyes, few weapons, fantasy, fear, relief.

A walk through the city. Hundreds of targets. You don’t even know what to choose first. Buildings and people, hostile representations of domination.

A walk in the city, in its suffocating neighbourhoods. Seeking, searching, checking…

Two police patrol cars in a service garage. Only a glass partition separates the vehicles from us. It’s nothing. It’s a chance.

Monday, November 19th, at dawn. Aristomenous street, Goudi. We take down the glass wall and we torch both police cars. The property damage to the garage is not our concern; every other snitch garage owner should think twice the next time, before rushing to patch a cop car.

Anywhere, anytime, as anyone likes: attack on police pigs.

Two patrol cars burned down are two patrol cars less. At their repair shops, their houses, their police stations, on their way back from work.

There will never be any truce with the uniformed guardians of the establishment; with the ‘folks’ who choose to protect law and order for a few euros. We will also target all those who collaborate with cops as well as their snitches.

For thousands of reasons, countless occasions, many incidents…

For our slain comrades…

For the youths who received bullets because they didn’t stop at some roadblock…

For the dangerous and proud offenders who fell dead in battles with the dogs of the regime…

For all the men and women whose bodies were riddled with bullets, all those who were handcuffed behind the back in the back seats of patrol cars…

For the wretched of our world who are being humiliated, tortured, beaten in police departments, prisons, solitary streets…

For the prostitutes who are raped by uniformed scumbags…

For all the men and women who are ready to make their own big leap forward, and storm heaven.

We send our warmest hug to the vagabonds from Salonika (Thessaloniki), Babis Tsilianidis, Sokratis Tzifkas and Dimitris Dimtsiadis, who undergo another trial, this time for the case of arrests in the Athens districts of Tavros and Vyronas. Brothers, we feel as if we were the authors of your latest text (regarding the refusal to attend the court proceeding and much more), and we adopt each and every word…

Next to all those who are being prosecuted or standing trial at this period.


PS.1 A raised fist for the comrades in Agrinio who clashed with cops the day the Golden Dawn (Chrissi Avgi) inaugurated a local office.

PS.2 “They talk about the peoples, they talk about the masses; none of them has ever been able to feel the tension, the passion, the rise and the fall of entire worlds in only 24 hours from the life of the revolutionary.” —We bid farewell to Chronis Missios (writer, ex-political prisoner b. 1930; d. 20 November 2012).

PS.3 Just for the record, this particular action was completely (and carefully) concealed by all the mainstream media.

Circles of Transgressors
Revolutionary Vagabondage Cell




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