Every year in February the Munich Security Conference is hold, a meeting of administration officials of the NATO-members and about 200 representative military strategists, generals and experts on military equipment. The gathering of EU- and NATO-representatives, the Ministers of foreign affairs and war of the USA, Germany and the other EU-countries try to make the public believe that the main topic of this conference is the keeping of peace in the whole world and the international security. The opposite is true: They are planning the next war! Behind the closed doors of the noble hotel "Bayerischer Hof" secluded from the public they design new pictures of potential "enemies" and forge plans for future military intervention alike the NATO-aggression against former Yugoslavia. They are not talking about security, but about new effective mobile intervention forces, further armament programs and the positioning of modern high-tech-weapons in space. Every year the NATO-members have expenses on armament of more than 1.000.000 million German marks. The persons that occupy the economical and political power in the USA, Germany and the EU see themselves as the ?rulers of the world?. They claim to have the right to ?unhindered access to all markets and resources all over the world?. The USA, Germany and the EU are determined to enforce their economic interests with military force, if necessary, against the rest of the world, either with the NATO or in military solo attempts of USA or the EU. The world-wide capitalist Exploitation and its military protection are two sides of the same medal ? a system that strives exclusively to guarantee profit and that is murderous not only during war-time. One element of this policy is the hermetic blockade of the EU- and US-frontiers against refugees and immigrants; and in Germany: racist laws against foreigners, the abolition of the right to asylum, Nazi-terror and murder. No peace with the war-planners! The Munich Security Conference is no local event. This conference is the Davos of the NATO and the military strategists. Therefore: Interfere! Stop the war-policy of the NATO-Members! We appeal to you to take part in and support the protests against the NATO-conference ? let them not remain as undisturbed as in the last years! Our Proposition: ? On Friday, February the 1st 2002, at 5 p.m. we plan a protest manifestation in front of the city hall, where the town council meets the participants of the conference. ? On Sunday, February 2nd 2002 we want to organise a demonstration to the hotel ?Bayerischer Hof? where the conference takes place. ? In the evening we try to conduct a ?anti-congress? against militarism. Support this appeal and spread it! Contact and questions: Phone: 0049-89-16 95 19, Fax 0049-89-168 94 15

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