Mέλλον λαμπρό .. μισθοφόρος στο Μπαχρειν..

LOOKING FOR A FUTURE – Recruits for Bahrain? Διαφήμιση για την στρατολόγηση μισθοφόρων για το Μπαχρειν για την καταστολή της εκέι επαναστασης

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LAHORE – Scores of young men lined up before Pearl Continental Hotel, on the Mall Road of Lahore were anxious of their turn to appear before the visiting delegation of the Bahrain National Guards (BNG). These men, a mix of retired army personnel and fresh graduates in 20s of their age, had come across far-flung areas of Punjab to apply for recruitment of BNG, an armed force of Bahrain, which is going to stretch its duties fabric due to uprising against the Bahrain’s caliphate.


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