ΑΙΓΥΠΤΟΣ - Tahrir has "opened" again .. officially ..

100δες χιλιαδεσ ΠΑΛΙ στην πλατεια ΤΑΧΡΙΧ της Αιγύπτου με τους διαδηλωτές να ζητανε πολιτικη εξουσία , παραπομπή του Μουμπάρακ και καίγοντας Αμερικανικές και Ισραηλινές σημαίες. http://egyptianchronicles.blogspot.com/2011/04/tahrir-is-officially-back.html - απαιτουν το κλεισιμο της ισραηλινης πρεσβείας στο Καιρο!!

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And the millions have returned back to the Tahrir square today. I have not gone there this time , instead I watch the whole event on TV. Already if I went there , I would go from early morning to find a place as technically there is no empty place there. Today officially was the “ The purification and trial Friday” , we are insisting of purifying the country from the old Mubarak’s regime remnants and the trial is a clear demand to start the trial of former President Mubarak Hosni. We want Hosni Mubarak to get a fair trial in front of the whole world. Mubarak running with our money "Reuters" Millions want and many political forces like Muslim brotherhood came today to Tahrir after seeing the success the previous Friday. I must admit there was better organizing at least at the primary podium than previous times. The Friday prayer speech was said by Sheikh Safwat Hegazy who stressed on unity and fighting the remnants of regime than Sheikh Mohamed Gabreel led the prayer and at the end he prayed for our Arab brothers in Syria, Yemen , Libya and Palestine. Millions praying at Tahrir "AP" There were tons and tons of Arab flags in the square today especially the Palestinian flags. Here are photos from Mohamed Abu El- Azm Many public personalities spoke today at the main podium like : Dr. Mamdouh Hamza , Dr. Karima Hafanawy , Dr. Amar Ali Hassan , Dr. Abdel Kader Ouda , Dr. Abdel Halim Kandeel , Judge Zakaria Abdel Aziz and Sheikh Hafez Salama. Of course there were a lot of other reputable personalities. There was a public trial for Mubarak with witnesses like the mothers of martyrs. I love that Mubarak photo in that cage. Mubarak in a mocked trial "Reuters" The day without doubt was successful especially it is the biggest million man protest after February 11,2011 according to estimations. Some people estimated that there were 2 million protesters in the rush hour at Tahrir. Of course this huge crowd made the army helicopter fly again to take photos from time to time. “I hear it currently from my house” There were other protests across the country like in Alexandria ,Tanta , Suez and Ismailia. The protest in Alexandria was huge and reportedly included anti-Tantawy , anti-military chants. Of course the moment we all have waiting for came at about 2.30 PM or 3 PM when suddenly we found a group of young men wearing army uniforms jumped in to the podium. Till the start of the million man protest many people included me wondered where these officers “The officers for revolution” FB and Youtube officers spoke about were but there they were on the podium. Carried on shoulders "AP" The young men attacked Tantawy and called for a presidential council which I refuse more and more “as the military representative will have the final word”. They went down and mingled with the public , they were small ranked officers ,some said that they were fired while others said there were other officers were in the square without their uniform. Journalists spoke about that army officer who spoke enthusiastically to the public. I have not heard them speaking but I will search for a video. The last thing I knowthat they are going to have a sit in the square till the SAFC steps down !!? Update : There is a news in the media that the army will investigate them to check from their identity !! There was a rumor that they were arrested and detained at the Egyptian museum but the activists there denied. These 10 officers are having a sit in till the SAFC resigns and wants the people to protect them !! The 'Officers for revolution" group published a statement on behalf of these officers. Showing their IDs "AP" Now Nawara Negm shared very weird thing happened to her and to others , she promised to report any army officer in uniform who joined the protest to the military police. She called the army emergency hotlines and told them that there are army officers at the podium at Tahrir square. Now you may agree or disagree with her action but you can’t disagree that the action of the army on the hotline is more than strange. The army hotline service told Negm not worry because they already knew about them !!! I fear that there is a big charade going on around , either the old regime wants to split the army and the people or there is a plan to get rid Tantawy. Most people speak about Tantawy and forget about Sami Anan who is the real head of the army not Tantawy. Yes some officers spoke about the supreme armed forces council but the attack is on Tantawy makes me wonder what is going on !! There were two protests that moved from Tahrir , a small one to the American embassy to attack both Terry Jones and the American support to Israeli aggression on Gaza while the big one moved to the Israeli embassy , I think it deserves a post alone. The next Friday people speak about a big move : They will head to Sharm El-Sheikh. I do not know if it is real threat or not. Next Friday in Sharm "Reuters" As I was watching the day on TV not alive , I will say that Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr and the new 25 TV where as the Egyptian TV is still suffering from the remnants of Mubarak. There is a disturbing rumor already that Gamal Mubarak is smuggling money through sea and that he and the family will flee the country tonight. The day is not over at Tahrir square , here is a live broadcast from there from Ahmed Taha. This photo below by Adam Makary. VIDEOS στο Λινκ


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