Egypt stops building materials into Gaza

Η στρατιωτική κυβέρνηση της Αιγύπτου σταματησε φορτίο με Τσιμεντο για την Γαζα απο το περασμα της Ραφα. Το τσιμεντο ειναι απο τα απαγορευμενα είδη απο το Ισραηλ στην προσπάθεια του να γυρισει την Γαζα στην νεοληθικη εποχή. Ο δρόμος για την επανασταση της Αιγυπτου ειναι ακομα μακρυς..

Egypt stops building materials into Gaza A week has passed since the 15-member Egyptian delegation touched down from Cairo to the Rafah border hoping to take through 10 tons of cement into Gaza. But after a series of delays and no definitive answer from the Egyptian authorities, the Egyptian military decided to confiscate the cement and urge the members to pack up and go. the cement did not go through. Observers say this is perhaps a clear indication that Mubarak's strict and cruel policies towards Palestine is still present within the Egyptian authorities. And for that to change there must be a major shift from the old regime. Activists here believe the Egyptian Government delayed procedures in the hope that they could derail the mission and discourage the delegation. But the delegation is not giving up. They camped outside the Rafah border for seven nights and are determined to come again. They feel that if they apply enough pressure, the Egyptian government has no choice but to listen to the will of the people. οn Friday there was a massive protest in cairo. People called for the cleansing of the old regime. Analysts say this is probably the only way to bring about change to Egypt's foreign policy towards Gaza.

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