Support the struggle in North Cyprus!

Support the struggle in North Cyprus!

Support the struggle in North Cyprus!

Third general strike will be held in North Cyprus after those in 28th of January and 2nd of March. The political struggle in Cyprus is against colonialist Turkey as well as the neo liberal economic cuts. The symbolic solidarity protests with the demonstrations of 28th January and 2nd March puts the international solidarity to a position higher than it was.

Turkey's Left and Unions responded to Cypriot calls for solidarity with an interest never seen before. This raised the spirit of the masses in Cyprus. We will contiue to struggle for a greater union of Turkey's and Cyprus's prolateriat.

At this point, where we have built a solid base of solidarity with the proletariat of Turkey, it is our duty to build another base with the prolateriat and revolutionaries of Greece and South Cyprus. Our goal is to see examples of solidarity from Greece and South Cyprus for the general strike in 7th of April as the beginning of greater solidarity.

Forward to show solidarity with the general Strike in North Cyprus on 7th of April !

Long live the international unity of the proletariat!

Enternasyonalist Dayanışma

İnternationalist Solidarity


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