Practical solidarity with the struggle of the 300 immigrants-workers

No one’s life is illegal! Practical solidarity with the struggle of the 300 immigrants-workers

In the centre of Athens, inside the building of the Law School (in Solonos Street), the hunger strike of 250 immigrants-workers has begun from Monday, 25 January 2011. Similarly, 50 immigrants-workers hunger strikers inside the Labor Centre of Thessaloniki claim the obvious: unconditional legalization for all immigrants who live and work in Greece.

Since the early hours of this coordinated mass hunger strike, the State reveals its frenzy facing this unprecedented self-organized social struggle. United, the government lackeys, the informers of the corporate media and all kinds of fascists demand the evacuation of the Law School’s building from the hunger strikers, while threatening to violate the academic asylum with the invasion of the repression forces of the democratic junta.

The communicational war of the State’s propaganda is relentless and vulgar as ever: At a time when 300 fighters immigrants are risking their very lives for social equality and justice, for equal labor rights and equal obligations, the authority’s scamps speak of ‘democratic legitimacy’ and threaten to violate the academic asylum. They are the ones who are responsible for the Greek people’s pauperization, who sent occupation armies in the homelands of millions of immigrants-refugees, the ones who cut pensions, wages, and led broad sections of society to unemployment, while condemning to misery and poverty locals and immigrants; the ones who practice ‘divide and rule’, along with a merciless ‘social cannibalism’, who build another wall of shame, at Evros, and are responsible for the silent murdering of thousands of fellowmen in the Southeast border of the European Union.

During these crucial hours, the Greek State is trying to manipulate the ‘public opinion’ in order to legitimize a military-style operation against the 300 hunger strikers. Thus, what are now more than necessary are the maximum disclosure of the truth, as well as the mobilization of all counter-information means that are available to social and political movements internationally, to prevent this from happening.

We call all collectivities and groups, all networks and individuals, to directly contribute in whatever way they can to the solidaritarian struggle in defense of the rights of immigrants-workers, their unconditional legalization and the resistance against the monstrous Greek State’s apparatus and bosses that slander their righteous struggle and arrange its violent suppression.

The struggle of the 300 hunger strikers is our struggle!
Solidarity is our weapon!

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