germany: 100000 in Stuttgart and 3000 in Bremen

After a few hundred protesters against a 18 billion train project got injured by police the next evening 100000 people continued their month old struggle against "Stuttgart21". On the other hand in Bremen was a demo called "Germany, never again" attented by 3000.

What most people nowadays miss is that the history of the autonomous was to 80% routed in the "new social movements", be it anti-nuclear or the Krakers end of the seventies/beginning of the eighties and most of it's radicalization was a reaction against police-brutality.

One such movement is developing in Stuttgart against an underground train-station and the "radicals" are far away demonstrating their black-bloc ritual against germany. While the german-wide mobilized annual demo against the reunification was demonstrating it's scene-strength in numbers nearly without any audience the evening before the official 20th anniversary of east germany's takeover by the west the "just normal" citizens of Stuttgart demonstrate weekly with tens of thousands against the high-velocity-sickness of the ICE, it's new under ground train station and the resulting big money story with real estates in the center of their city.

While the anarchists are daily victims of police repression that the media and leftty parties ignore totally the new movement in Stuttgart came under attack, had to taste police brutality often their first time in life and now there is a scandal in german public.

Up too 400 park-trees protecting pupils and pensioneers got slightly injured by pepperspray, a few dozens got bruises and shit and still there is a rumour going of a 60 year old protester dying of heart-attack.

The result was that the weekly demo against the project made a new record of 100000 protesters.,1518,720735,00.html,1518,720807,00.html


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