P-riza: who we are

26 June 2009, translation from Greek:

P-riza is a citizens’ collective who are fed up with the never-ending ‘insurrections’ of our television couches. As citizens we recognise our right to resist and participate in struggles, as individuals and as groups for our freedom.
In an era where the worth of a human depends on their bank account balance, where the personal and collective values are becoming a theatre, and democracy is a synonym for dictatorship and stupidity. In a world where eccentricity is repressed, where solidarity is transformed into television pity, and liberty is equated with over-consumption and individualism. On a planet where exploitation, poverty, unhappiness, go together with COCA-COLA, we decided to unite our lives, with the lives of thousands other people in Greece and the world, for our dignity.

We believe that the traditional organisation of life, based on hierarchy between bosses and workers, on political representatives and state subjects, on leaders and members, on specialists and the uneducated, on professors and students, on men and women, cannot continue in a new society formed by free creators.

The liberation is related with anti-hierarchical and direct democratic organisation of our everyday life, in the collective, at work, at school, in family, in politics, in civilisation, in our everyday relations. Solidarity, coöperation, and respect for the eccentricity of every person are the values we base on our action and we think freely.

Everyone who wishes to create a society of free creators can participate at P-riza, no matter their political, religious, or cultural identities. Everyone is free to take part in the collective’s life, in any way they like, as long as they respect the values of democracy, coöperation, solidarity, and respects the different.

We won’t allow any political or social space, individually or collectivelly, to control our project.

The creation of new self-organisation customs in every level of social life is one of our goals. We seek the coöperation and tuning-in of our action with other collectives, groups, projects, movements, in Greece and all over the world. We theorise that this synchronisation can lead to a federal network of autonomous collectives, that all together will build the basis for the attack to futurity.


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