The state of Turkey is trying since years to oppress the people's struggle in Turkey with blood, torture, massacre and disappearances during detention.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BAN DHKP-C The state of Turkey is trying since years to oppress the people's struggle in Turkey with blood, torture, massacre and disappearances during detention. Until today the state of Turkey couldn't realize this aim. And even by torture and massacre through outlawed executions of thousands of people it couldn't succeed. The European institutions and decisions of the ECHR know this reality very well. The state of Turkey, who cant't reach its goal with massacres, sees the solution since the last years in banning the DHKP-C in the European countries. Therefore the state of Turkey is openly menacing the European countries. Whenever they see any European responsible, for whatever reason it is, they are repeating the same refrain 'Ban the DHKP-C...'. Although the whole Europe and the wolrd know the real face of the state of Turkey, Europe is giving green light to Turkey, as a result of economic interests and the political pressure of the USA. WELL, WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN IF IT IS BANNED? This question can be answered also in a contrary way. What are we doing today in countries, where we are not banned? In countries in which we are not banned, we are trying with all force to inform the public about the situation in our country, about the human rights violations and the violations of democratic rights. In our country the peoples are burned alive in the prisons, each of the police stations in our country has turned into a torture center, the people are systematically oppressed in these torture centers and confronted with raping, threats and offence. We are informing the public about these events and try to make people sensible. In our country there exists state terror. The state can't survive without terror. It doesn't even do it secretly. For example, even when people are going on the streets for a simple right, they are almost beaten up to death with truncheons, they are smashed with panzers, aimed by bullets, if they are catched alive, they are subjected to torture. That's what we try to explain the people. A ban on us would mean to cover this crimes of humanity. It would mean to silence the voice of our people who are suffering state terror, here. It would bring about that crimes of humanity are carried out in a much more comfortable way. Is it that, what Europe wants? The people there should be tortured, but nobody here should speak about it; the people there should be burned alive, but nobody should raise his/her voice; does it want, that the state of Turkey violates international law, but nobody here should say anything. WHAT HAPPENS IF WE'RE BEING BANNED? Let's give us the answer; we're going to continue our same work. This is our most natural and basic right. While a part of our people is being killed and tortured there, we can't say 'Here it is forbidden to oppose torture, let's be silent'. We know very well: Everywhere, where human beings exist, there also exist wisdom. We are calling to this wisdom under any condition. Will the price for saying that torture exists in Turkey or that this or that person was killed under torture be, to get in jail? Well then, we even pay the price for this. To whom and how are the governments who are going to ban us, explain their shame of defending the torturers, of legitimizing massacres, ignoring the inhumane practices and not reacting agianst terror. Whom are they going to deceive with a demagogy like 'these organisations are making terror in their own countries, that's why we ban them. We are against terrorism'? Does this mean to be against terror, is this the way to go against terror, so what is terror? Is torture, massacre and the ban on democratic rights not terror? If that is terror, so the one who is practizing it is the state of Turkey. So, if you are against terror, go then and ban the state of Turkey. The state of Turkey has come until your inside with its institutions like consulates, legations and embassies. Come and ban it, 'your state is applying terror in Turkey, look my courts, the ECHR have sentenced you several times for the crimes of humanity your state had carried out', well the crime of the state of Turkey was proved by the European Courts themselves. What else? There is still the question of applying its own laws. And this means to cut off any kind of diplomatic relation with the state of Turkey, and to put sanctions by all legal means. Europe, go and aplly your own laws. Can you practice your own laws despite of the USA? There's more. In today's parlement of Turkey there are tens of civil fascist murderers. They were judged and sentenced even according to the laws of Turkey for murder. And these murderers are making laws, with these laws they apply terror to our people. This terror is practiced intentionally and systematically by a organized hierarchy. So Europe, come and apply your laws. Include the state of Turkey to the list of terrorist countries. Or didn't only your laws but also your wisdom totally crash down? Or are neither your laws nor your wisdom effective, when you turn the green light for our ban during bilateral conversations with Turkey? Beginning from Germany, some European countries see us as a danger for their own internal and external interests. As if we would shake their security inside or outside their country. Even the chickens laugh there. First of all we do not wish such a danger, or better to say, what has it to do with the internal and external security of your countries, if we discover the tortureness, murderousness and rapes. Or is your internal and external security dependent of the ability of murder by the torturing murderers in Turkey? WE CALL ON ALL EUROPEANS: DON'T KEEP WATCHING HOW YOUR STATES ARE MAKING YOU TO ACCOMPLICES OF TORTURENESS, MURDEROUSNESS, THAT THEY BLIND YOUR WISDOM, AND HOW THE PEOPLE IN TURKEY ARE DESTROYED WITH REPRESSION AND TERROR. 23 April, 2002 DEVRİMCİ HALK KURTULUŞ CEPHESİ Revolutionary People's Liberation Front Information Bureau Amsterdam

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