Thessaloniki, Greece: Proposals for EU summit in Salonica

This message is sent in order to keep you informed about the decisions that have been made by the panhellenic meeting of the Antiauthoritarian Movement Salonica 2003, about the actions that we will organize during the European summit in June of 2003 in Thessaloniki.

Concerning the European Union summit taking place in Thessaloniki (Greece) in June 2003

This message is sent in order to keep you informed about the issues that have been decided by the panhellenic assembly of the Anti-authoritarian Movement Salonika 2003, in relation to the actions that we are going to organise during the period of the EU summit in Thessaloniki (or Salonika) in June 2003.


We are going to use a big space in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, which is located in the city centre, in order to cover the accommodation needs of the comrades who will correspond to our call. This space is appropriate both for the accommodation of a large number of people, and for the fulfilment of the events.

About the "support" of the demonstrations

Legal support

Groups of lawyers have already been assembled, and they have volunteered to be on our side during these days, so as to provide direct legal assistance and defence to the people who might be arrested during the demonstrations.

A web site (translated in various languages) will be created mid May, where you will find information about these legal groups and about the legal regime inside Greece. When this page is ready we will send you its electronic address.

Furthermore, people from these legal groups have committed themselves to be present at the Greek borders in order to meet the comrades from abroad and to proceed with the necessary legal procedures in case their entrance into the country is forbidden.

Medical support

A medical group – both doctors and medical students, has been created so as to be present inside the demonstrations with the appropriate equipment and in order to provide the first aid in case of any injuries. Among the plans of this group is to carry out a series of first aid seminars for the training of comrades who might be interested, and also to publish leaflets with useful medical instructions.

Discussions and events

Accommodation will be available from 14/06/03, a week before the actual days of the summit (20 – 21/06/03). During this period a four-day festival will be organised in order to meet each other, exchange views and opinions, and coordinate better our actions.

This festival will include a series of concerts, screenings, exhibitions etc, and four major discussions (one each day), which will be accompanied by other smaller ones.

The topics of the four major discussions are:

  • Globalisation – New world order – War
  • “Fortress” Europe – Suppression – Immigrants
  • Labour in modern capitalism
  • Antiglobalisation movements and Antiauthoritarians–Anarchists
Some other topics have already been proposed for the smaller discussions, and are relevant to education, art and the role of mass media.

The demonstrations

We decided that on the first day of the EU summit (20/06/03) we are going to have a march near the place where the summit will take place. This place is far away from the city centre, so we will probably go there by buses. During the second day (21/06/03) we will organise a demonstration in the centre of Thessaloniki.

A discussion on the practical issues of the demonstrations will be held in the forth day of the festival (19/06/03), a day before the first march.

What we ask from you

If you are interested in coming to Thessaloniki, then we would like to have your responses regarding the following before the 20th of May. Please let us know:

  • when do you plan to be here, and approximately how many people are you going to be, in order to know what are the needs that we have to cover regarding the accommodation.
  • through which countries, and exactly when are you arriving, so that we can arrange for comrades and lawyers to wait for you on the borders.
  • if your group/organisation wishes to have a stand where it could exhibit its material, in order to prepare the space in the best possible way.
  • if your group/organisation wishes to make a statement in some of the four major discussions, so as to arrange a better timetable for the discussions and events, and to have the appropriate translators at every discussion.
  • if your group/organisation wishes to have its name appear on the poster of the festival as participants.
  • if you would like to suggest any other topics that could be presented by your group/organisation in other parallel discussions/events, in order to arrange better the program of the festival and its practical issues (ie translators).
We welcome your answers in relation to the above issues, as well as any other questions or comments regarding the events against the EU summit, until the 20th of May.

Information about the publications and the actions of the Antiauthoritarian Movement Salonika 2003, can be found at the electronic address

If anything new should come up we will inform you.

Comrade salute,
Antiauthoritarian Movement Salonika 2003

από AMS2003 21/05/2003 8:15 μμ.

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