On the way to EU- Summit in Thessaloniki 2003


The next EU- Summit in Thessaloniki can be blocked! Thousands of demonstrators are planning to come from all over Greece and other European lands. Supported by STRUGGLE INITIATIVE THESSALONIKI 2003. Student groups, workers, media, regional initiatives from Greece and other lands invite us to participate in the INTERNATIONAL CAMPING AGAINST CAPITALISM-IMPERIALISM in Thessaloniki, University Campus 14.-22.06.2003. Fill in the registration form or go to the Download Area to view documents about the mobilization. Forthcoming events have been held all over Greece and are going to be held in Thessaloniki. The EU summit will take place in the Porto Carras Hotel (about 100 km from Thessaloniki), from 20th to 22nd June 2003. This is a small resort in Halkidiki, a three-legged peninsula in North Greece without any movement tradition. The Greek presidency has chosen this place in order to avoid disturbances by demonstrators and activists. The EU gathers the governments of the 15 richest industrialized countries in Europe and in the world and imposes a world order which benefits an enormously rich minority to the detriment of a huge majority of enslaved and oppressed individuals. We believe that between human beings, there should exist relationships other than that of the market, of domination, alienation and exploitation. Pollution, the waste of natural resources and differences in wealth are ever more catastrophic. Capitalistic globalization translates into a degradation of living and work conditions and an increase in social control. The bosses are on the offensive with the destruction of public services, attacks on labour rights, job precariousness, flexibility, layoffs and the dismantlement of social rights (welfare, pensions etc.). This capitalist system cannot be reformed as it inevitably leads to these effects. The break with capitalism is, in our opinion, the only possible way to prevent a human and ecological economic catastrophe.


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