The daily preparations for the June counter summit (where & when)

The daily preparations for the June counter summit. Struggle in Thessaloniki & Chalkidiki.

The daily preparations for the June counter summit As you already know "Action:Thessaloniki 2003" is preparing for the 3-days counter summit events in Thessaloniki from 20- 22 June, against the summit of leaders of the EU and the new anti-peoples measures they will take, while meeting behind closed doors at the hotel "Porto Karras" of Chalkidiki. More concretely the 3-days militant program of the Popular counter summit that organises "Action: Thessaloniki 2003 " will begin in the morning of Friday 20th June and will develop in the axis of the sea promenade in Thessaloniki. This means from the central gate of the Harbour, through the Aristotelous Square and until the White Tower. In the 3 respective points there will be functioning three stages, where we will have continuously political and cultural program, with the attendance of artists from Thessaloniki, as well as from the rest of Greece. In details we have: Friday of 20th June - In the afternoon will be organised a demonstration at the city of Marmaras Chalkidiki, where the meeting of the EU-leaders and the representatives of the multinationals will take place, at the Hotel "PORTO KARRAS". - At 7 p.m., in the Workers’ Center of Thessaloniki (Trade Union House) will be realised the event of PAME(Militant Workers’ Front) together with the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU). Saturday of 21st June - In the morning from 9 a.m. till 13:00 an international meeting and discussion will be organized with the attendance also of foreign delegations at the congress centre "N. Germanos "in the building No. 8 of the International Trade Fair (HELEXPO). The theme of the meeting will be: “Stop the war, NATO and the EU- Solidarity with the resisting peoples” - In the afternoon at 5 p.m. will start the big rally that will follow the route Nikis Avenue(sea promenade), N. Germanou street, Tsimiski street, which will pass in front of the US-Consulate. Sunday of 22nd June The events will be completed on Sunday with a big concert of solidarity with the peoples under occupation like Iraq and Palestine, with the peoples of Cuba, Syria, DPRKorea, which are on the target of the imperialists. Tens of thousands of militant participants are expected Tens of thousands of persons, from all over Greece and many countries abroad, are mobilizing under the flags and the banners of "Action: Thessaloniki 2003 ". According to the up to the moment information, between 800-1000 persons from 14 countries have expressed interest to join the forces supported by the "Action" in Thessaloniki (Cyprus, Bulgaria, Palestine, France, Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Holland , Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Russia, Moldavia, Finland and Turkey). At the same time, in the demonstration of Saturday of 21st June, we will have the participation of the delegations of tens of communist and workers’ parties, which will be participating in the International Meeting hosted by KKE in Athens on the 19th and 20th June . Moreover, a special initiative is being taken during the days of the Counter Summit with the big anti-imperialist youth camp of KNE from 18-22 June with the attendance of roughly 5 000 young people from Greece and abroad . The camping venue will have its own political and cultural program, discussions and workshops. During the same days will function team of legal assistance - mainly for dealing with problems that by any chance will appear with foreign delegations because the Shengen Treaty and a team of first aid. Hospitality Saint Pavlos’ Municipality The hospitality of protesters will be arranged at three levels. In houses, in hotels - for those who can bear the cost - and mainly in the installations that has granted us the Municipality of Saint Pavlos( camp, gyms,stadion) In case that there is need of more space we have the possibility to use the installations that have granted us the the Municipality Ehedorou(two closed gyms) and the Community Pefkon (public school). Red Zones… … will not exist. The leaders of the EU will meet isolated in Chalkidiki, where they have “banned” themselves under the fear of the popular movement that is day by day growing and increasing the fight against the anti-popular, anti-workers and pro-war policy. Coming soon While we are preparing ourselves for the big popular mobilisations of June, "Action: Thessalonica 2003 "will continue its mass and militant intervention in Thessaloniki, against the imperialist order and the plans of USA, NATO and EU. On Saturday of 24th May we are preparing a militant "reception" of the ministers of Culture of the multinationals which will meet in Thessaloniki on 24th and 25th May. The popular events will take place of the Square of the Ancient Market (behind the Statue of E. Venizelos) and will start at 5p.m. Also the "Action: Thessaloniki 2003 " supports and calls for the participation in the big Peace March organised by the Committee for Peace of Thessaloniki on Sunday of 25th May. The march will begin at 10 a.m. from the former military camp Kodra at the municipality of Kalamaria. . Last but not least scheduled initiative before the counter-summit will be the Solidarity event with the people of Cuba that will be held in Thessaloniki on the 4th June. In this event a representatives of the Cuban Revolution will participate and speak.

από Παναγιωτης Γ. 20/05/2003 6:31 μμ.

Αλλά το ΣΕΚ ειναι.Σε mail που εστειλε στο mailing list του Ευρωπαικου Κοινωνικου Φορουμ και του Αντιπολεμικου Συντονισμου ισχυρίζεται οτι την πορεία της 21ης Ιουνη στην Θεσσαλονικη οργανωνουν τα Συνδικάτα, η Γενοβα 2001, η Συμμαχία Σταματηστε τον Πολεμο και -όπως διακριτικα το διατυπώνουν- αλλες αντιπαγκοσμιοποιητικές κινήσεις.Και επειδή είναι από Αθήνα λένε το το συνήθη τόπο συγκεντρώσεων Αγαλμα Βενιζέλου ως Αρχαία Αγορά.

από Μαριάνθη Παπαδήμα 21/05/2003 1:28 πμ.

Αυτό το Militant Workers Front που πουλάει το ΠΑΜΕ σαν μετάφραση, σύμφωνα με I.B., βγάζει μάτι. Συγκινήθηκα, μου θύμησε τον Μάο. Η πλάκα είναι ότι το PAME είναι όντως αγωνιστικό, έχει κάτι παιδιά μέσα πολύ παλλικάρια, αλλά αυτό το Militant? Τους βαφτίζει έτσι το κόμμα, το κόμμα που τους κρατάει τόσο καιρό μαντρωμένους και ήσυχους. Παρατήστε τους πια ρε συντρόφια, σας πουλήσανε μια, δύο, και θα σας πουλήσουν ξανά. Αν θέλετε αληθινό Militant υπάρχουν τα παιδιά με τα μαύρα, που είναι πιο εντάξει. Με αγωνία θα δούμε την militant υποδοχή των υπ. πολιτισμού που ετοιμάζει η Action 2003 στις 24-25. Τι θα κάνετε καλέ; θα βάλετε τέρμα τα ηχεία; Και ο λαός της DRPKorea (που πράγματι μόνο η Action τον θυμήθηκε) θέλει όντως την αλληλεγγύη μας για να διώξει τον κάφρο που τους έλαχε η ιστορία (τον γιό που έχρισε ο κομμουνιστής πατέρας. Κομμουνισμός είναι αυτό ή μοναρχία ρε παιδιά;). Να τον στείλει στα τσακίδια και αυτόν και τους στρατηγούς του. Μιλάμε για γαμώ τα παρανοϊκά καθεστώτα.

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