Against TV surveillance

Against the installation of closed circles of TV surveillance in the city of Thessaloniki

STATEMENT With the installation of closed circles of TV surveillance in the city of Thessaloniki for the "needs" of the ministry of Public Order and for the "needs" of the summit of the of EU-leaders in Chalkidiki and the placement of corresponding systems of transmission of picture and sound in 16 moreover points of city, the government is attempting one more time, the establishment and legalisation of a complete network of surveillance and recording of activities of citizens especially in public spaces. It is a clear antidemocratic approach that is turned directly against the human and democratic rights of citizens, violating brutally any sense of law and creates step by step the spirit of totalitarianism. It is obvious that the aim of the above mentioned systems is the recording of big mobilisations which will be realised during the EU-counter summit activities of Thessaloniki from June 20-22, in protest to the anti-popular policy of the government of PASOK and against the US- imperialism, NATO, and the EU. At the same time and with the increasing circulation of police forces in the city they attempt the intimidation of citizens. The government of PASOK moved in the spirit of "Big Brother" imposed on the planet by the USA and the EU with various “anti-terror laws”, Echelon, the Shengen treaty etc, and it is not only day by day attacking the popular freedoms of citizens but it also challenges directly the Constitution of the country and our legal culture, attempting simultaneously to treat all the citizens as "suspects" following the climate that is shaped internationally with the pretext of "fighting terrorism". We call upon each democratic citizen to resist against the restrictions of democratic rights and popular freedoms. We call upon the government of the country but also the responsible institutions not to proceed in the installation of the systems of surveillance of citizens and to withdraw those already installed. The popular movement can not be frightened. The workers of the country, the people and the youth will respond with their militant, class oriented and massive presence in the big mobilisations of June in a free and open city, independently from the efforts the government will put to repress or restrict us. The “Police-state” mentality and atmosphere and the terrorization of the citizens will not pass, because the antidemocratic practices have been condemned a long time ago in the conscience of our population. Thessaloniki 13-5-2003 the Press Office of "Action-Thessaloniki 2003"

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