(A) Book & Video Fair of Caracas

* Call to the First Libertarian Print and Audiovisual Documentary Fair of Caracas. D O C U M E N T (a) November 2009.

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The editorial collective of El Libertario <www.nodo50.org/ellibertario> announce that the Venezuelan capital will be, during the second half of November 2009, the venue for  D O C U M E N T (a) , the First Libertarian Print and Audiovisual Documentary Fair.

With this event, we want to show the public a sample as large and representative as possible of printed and audiovisual materials produced and avaliable today about the anarchist ideal and related subjects, because as in many others places, in Venezuela it is usually difficult to access books, periodical publications or other documents about anarchy, thus making it more difficult to overcome ignorance and misunderstanding regarding this idea and practice.
What we want will only be possible with the participation of as many editorial and production initiatives that generate audiovisual documentation associated with libertarian and related topics (particularly productions in Spanish). This call is primarily directed at such initiatives because we would like to have the greatest number and diversity of materials that have been developed, so it is important to contact you in advance to determine under what conditions it would be possible to show your work. We emphasize that this call to contact us is not only for those who make libertarian material in a relatively big or “commercial” scale, we will also welcome DIY or craft production.
In the coming months, as the required preparations move forward, we will notify you with more precise details about the Fair and its characteristics. For now, we look forward to receiving the first communication from editors and producers of libertarian materials who wish to have a presence at the event. You can contact us in writing (preferably in Spanish) to feriaa.caracas2009@gmail.com
For info in English about us, see the English section in www.nodo50.org/ellibertario.


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